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     A Civics Handbook
             Second Edition
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*A convenient resource for children and adults alike to
     learn, review and rediscover early American history,  
                          government, and civics.

     *The complete texts of the Declaration of Independence,  
               the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

   *Miscellaneous information about the Original Thirteen 
  Colonies, the Three Branches of Government, Presidents, 
           States, Electoral College, National Symbols and
                                       much more.

    *Aid to citizenship study.  U.S. Citizenship Test of 100  
  questions included.  See if you can pass it.  Those seeking  
                     naturalization must pass the test.

     *A note about the National Parks and our history...
      Learn special places of historic significance and of
                        America's natural wonders.

*Enjoy more than 50 pages of historical sketches and images.

                              Have it all in one book!
                             (ISBN  978-1514221563)